Welcome to my world of clean, whole-food cakes and treats. I started Cake Botanica with the aim of sharing desserts and treats that anyone can enjoy and that are free from allergens or intolerable ingredients such as dairy, eggs, wheat and refined sugars. More importantly, I love creating cakes that are crafted from real whole fruits and vegetables (and benefiting from the inherent nutrition they offer).

Since early adulthood, I struggled with increasing symptoms akin to gastritis, indigestion and reflux. I consulted doctors, specialists and gastroenterologists but none have explained nor resolved my symptoms.

In 2009, with the help of a nutritionist specialising in micro biome health, I overhauled my dietary philosophy, detoxed my gut and ate predominantly whole foods, ditching table sugar (in fact any added sugar) and reading labels of any prepared foods.

It was then that I was inducted into the world of raw, whole foods and cleaner eating. I also underwent a series of tests that revealed key imbalances and inflammation in my gut which co-related with my intolerance then for dairy and cane-sugar (refined table sugar).

Over 10 years, I have grown in my experience and knowledge in preparing and consuming whole-foods (as much as possible, raw), and that are minimally adulterated. Now I no longer suffer the symptoms I used to. A non-inflammed and balanced micro biome (along with an active lifestyle) helps with an overall sense of well-being. Today, I love eating "clean" - i.e. eating fresh whole foods and as much as possible, minimally cooked.

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Yours simply

Xx Sharon

eat clean advocate & raw whole foods enthusiast